October 3rd, 2012


Snow White

I know I've mentioned this before, but sometimes, somebody says something that gets us worked up, and we think it would be best to let it go, but months later, we're still thinking about it. In this particular instance, I think I might have been able to let it go, except for three things. First, there was that Disney princess thing with the cruise line that I mentioned a few days ago. Second, Once Upon A Time's new season just started. And third, we've been listening to Akira Ishida tell the story of Snow White on our shiny new Koe no Ouji-sama CD. So this time, it's not really a matter of our having brooded over it for several months, but more like we've been reminded, and we've decided we wanted to talk about it after all.

The inciteful remark came about three months ago, when we were whining yet again about Disney princess reputations, and a friend of ours, in a patient effort to explain, said, "Snow White is very much the 'someday my prince will come' girl of the song she sings." We chose not to argue that particular point (very much) at the time, because it would have taken us away from the main point of the conversation, but since we've been thinking about Snow White again recently, we've been thinking about that statement.

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Today I'm thankful for Fresh & Easy kettle corn, Akira Ishida's reading of the Disney Snow White story, male story readers with non-annoying "female" voices, our Disney movie order having shipped, and the ending sequence to Polar Bear Cafe.