October 2nd, 2012



In case it hasn't been obvious, we've been watching a bunch of random new anime (where by "new," I mean "we haven't seen yet;" most of it is actually a couple years old). Yesterday, we watched Polar Bear Cafe and Durarara!!. We had been meaning to start give Durarara!! another shot for a while, but we hadn't gotten around to it, because we wanted to make sure we had enough time to watch two episodes. We'd seen the first episode, but it was long enough ago, and we remembered so little of it that we wanted to make sure to watch it again, but obviously the first episode wasn't enough to hook us, so we wanted to make sure to get past it.

So we finally started watching it again yesterday...and we totally understood why we weren't eager to watch more after the first episode. Not that it's bad or anything; just that the pacing was...I don't know, maybe a little too fast or something. Maybe it was all the action scenes. But it kind of put us to sleep. Maybe it was the, "Here's all the characters! Good luck remembering them!" aspect of it, which would also kind of explain why people aren't super enamored with Haruka or Tiger & Bunny after the first episode.

But this time we were determined to watch the second episode anyway, and boy are we glad we did! It's pretty good! I hesitate to say "really" good at this point, because it's also kind of dark, and we don't like series that go out of their way to be super dark. But this one seems to be dark in a kind of "we're going to be dark, but only to show you that things get better" way? Or something? Anyway, the tone seems to be optimistic, so we like it.

And now we want to talk about Orihara. Collapse )

Today I'm thankful for making it past the first episode of Durarara!!, the Kamiya-san gap, the forecast predicting we might actually be finished with summer soon, getting our manga from Kinokuniya today (shipping ninjas!), and finally getting to order Cinderella from the Disney Movie Club (we meant to order it from somewhere else first, but we kept forgetting, and then the release date came, and we needed to get the Avengers anyway, so we took advantage of the buy one get the rest half off sale).