September 30th, 2012


Colorful day

I didn't expect to be gone all day yesterday, but we had a good time. Celeste and Sarah had signed up for a 5k run here in Fresno called Color Me Rad. You run along the course, and at certain points along the way, they have a bunch of people throw colored cornstarch at you. By the end, you're all colorful! Yay! So they encourage you to wear white t-shirts, and afterward, you can soak the shirt in vinegar and then iron it to make the color stay, and you have a lovely souvenir. Not so lovely is all the cornstarch in your hair, ears, throat, and nose.

Athena, Mom, and I went to cheer Celeste and Sarah on, as well as to take care of the baby. We had a decent time, considering the heat (the high yesterday was 94, apparently) and all the walking. At the starting line, they had some stuff going on to entertain people while they waited for the race to begin, including (of course) throwing around "color bombs." There was a kind of rainbow smog cloud hovering over the area. And there was an MC who was getting people all excited. He asked, "How many of you trained for this race by walking from the parking lot to the starting line?" That walk was not insignificant, so we totally cheered that one. In fact, the walk was enough to wear all of us out, so I felt pretty bad for Celeste and Sarah, who ran a race that involved breathing cornstarch on top of it all. But they had a really good time, too, so it's okay. They also both will probably be shaking cornstarch out of their ears for a couple of weeks.

After the race, we went out to eat, picked up some ice cream from Baskin Robbins, and chilled at Mom's house until the LDS General Relief Society broadcast, which is basically the live TV version of the meeting they held for all the women in the church yesterday. (If anybody's curious as to the kinds of things they talked about, you can watch the whole thing (or parts of it) here.)

The downside to the whole day is that we had bought some candy corn M&Ms, and we forgot to bring them home with us. Now we're afraid they'll all be eaten. The other downside was that the baby is a very energetic baby, and all the rest of us had just walked way more than we're used to. (And some of us had run a 5k and gotten cornstarch thrown all over them.) So we were pretty impressed with the people who managed to deal with the baby anyway. (I should point out that while the baby is exhausting, he's also super cute. Even if he does like to pass the time by screeching for the fun of it (which is also adorable).)

(Speaking of adorable, Page interrupted my posting by lying on top of the keyboard. I would have left what she typed, but I didn't think it was appropriate, with all the A's and S's.

Today I'm thankful for getting to wake up to Hiroshi Kamiya singing Heigh Ho this morning, the great lesson we had on home/visiting teaching in church today, having a good time at the Color Me Rad race with everyone, Mom treating us all to lunch and ice cream, and having all our anime/game wallpaper on this computer now.