September 13th, 2012



Things have been fairly uneventful lately. We decided we needed to start exercising again, and for that, we have also started watching Tiger & Bunny again! The only problem is, once we've started watching, we don't want to stop. It wasn't so bad after the first episode; it was just like, "Yeah, okay. That was fun." But after the second episode it was like, "What? It's...over? Nooo..." But we had other things to do, so we made ourselves move on.

Thinking about it, we really probably ought to find a new anime to watch. We started watching Sengoku Basara, and that's entertaining enough, but it's just not like Tiger & Bunny or Soul Eater. Something to really look forward to watching. Maybe we just need a few more episodes to get into it, like with Chihayafuru. Or maybe it's time we start sampling more stuff. But that takes so much tiiiime.

In other random news, we decided it was time to pre-order Disney's Cinderella (Blu-ray release on October 2!). So we went to the Disney Movie Club and, even though it was the featured title, we declined, because before, like with Beauty and the Beast, they had super special editions, which you have to order separately from the featured title thing. So we turned down the regular Cinderella, and went off to find the collector's edition...which apparently doesn't exist. And apparently neither does the regular Cinderella, because we couldn't find that to pre-order either. I guess it's not officially part of the club yet.

So we checked Amazon, and the only way to get the fancy collector's edition that we want is to order the entire Cinderella trilogy, and the idea of doing that is just...just...not appealing. We have heard good things about Cinderella III, but after we saw The Little Mermaid III, we swore off of Disney sequels entirely. Maybe that wasn't fair of us. I mean, we agree with Jasmine Fenton (from Danny Phantom) that we "owe it to [ourselves] to experience it firsthand, so [we] can hate it in a more informed context." But our masochism only goes so far. Still, I've also heard good things about Lady and the Tramp II...

...This is a dangerous line of thinking. If we watch those movies, and we're entertained, then it's no problem, and hey, more entertainment! But if we watch them and hate them...we have enough hate right now, and we really shouldn't add to it.

Today I'm thankful for getting plenty of work done today, getting to watch more Tiger & Bunny, whoever it was that left their clothes in the dryer yesterday not taking super forever to take them out, getting some exercise, and having plans to play bingo tonight.