September 12th, 2012



I wasn't sure what to post about today, so Athena reminded me that a few days ago we did some math and realized that wow, we've turned in over three hundred translations! Only problem is, we're not sure what even counts anymore, with all the companies shutting down and shifting around and reorganizing schedules and dropping titles and stuff. We translated at least a few things that never got published. So we couldn't really say which translation was our three hundredth. It seems likely that it was somewhere in Higurashi.

That being the case, I guess we could post an updated list of what all we've done (that's been published).

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Wow, I feel like we added very little to that list. Hrrm. And I should point out that not every volume on that list made it to print. And then there are things like Kana, Kamo., which we translated a volume or two of for CMX before they shut down. It's not on the list because it didn't even have a volume one printed. And that thing we were working on last week that hasn't been published yet.

Today I'm thankful for Celeste being awesome (Happy Birthday!), getting to go to the bank yesterday, Mom treating us to some ice cream, having translated over 300 volumes of manga (that's really kind of a lot, when I think about it), and not having to do laundry every day.