September 11th, 2012


Fairy tales and Gundams

Today has been one of those days where we just feel isolated from the world. That will happen sometimes when we take the day off. That will happen sometimes when we don't take the day off.

But anyway, we've spent the day doing miscellaneous things like reading manga and watching Gundam. I finally started reading Natsuki Takaya's new series, Liselotte and the Witch's Forest, which I like pretty well so far, even if it's like, "Okay, Alto is really uptight! I get it!" It has a kind of a fairy tale feeling, but more of an old live-action Disney movie feeling, like Third Man on the Mountain or Darby O'Gill and the Little People. And Liselotte is kind of like a mix of Ayame and Kazuma, I have decided. And of course, there's some Japanese fairy tale type stuff thrown in, which makes it all the more awesome.

We've also been watching more Gundam 00...

...that series makes us tired. Collapse )

Eheh. I wonder how many similar flaws can be found in Gundam Seed, that we just overlook because we were more attached to the characters.

Today I'm thankful for getting to take the day off today, having some time to do more research on concertinas, finding out that we got paid a little while ago (the dangers of direct deposit...), getting to read some manga, and getting to watch an episode of Tiger & Bunny last night.