September 4th, 2012


Kind of wanting a Gundam Seed icon now...

Fwaaaahhh...we're finally done working today. Oh, our silly deadlines. And my mind is full of the thing we were working on. It's been announced, but since there's one translator who makes it a policy not to talk about stuff until it's on bookstore shelves, we still can't help but wonder if he has a good reason for it. On the other hand, it's a one-shot, so by the time it hits shelves, we'll probably have forgotten all about it. is kind of a dilemma. Oh well; we're not done with it yet, so I guess I have time to think about this before we forget about it. (Of course, the normal disclaimer still applies: since the only people who would care about it won't read this post (they're probably skimming for keywords), if you're reading this, you probably won't care about it.)

In the meantime...oh right, we've been watching Gundam 00. We have a hard time with it, because the characters...aren't really in it. They spend a lot of time on...stunning visuals, I guess. I mean, we expect Gundam series to feature a lot of the super popular international celebrity Explosions, but even so, we know it's possible to also feature human characters. Gundam Seed did it! And it had at least as many millions of characters as Gundam 00, so we can't blame it on the enormous cast.

Still, every episode or two, they'll give us a vague hint of backstory, so we're interested enough to keep watching. We think this might have something to do with the head writer being the same guy who head wrote the Trigun anime--nothing really happened until the second half in that one, if we remember correctly. The difference with Trigun, though, is that the first half still had characters in it. I'm also not being entirely fair by placing all the blame on Explosions. A good portion of it belongs to Exposition and Political Intrigue. The story is so complex that they can't really afford to muddle it up with Emotions.

On the one hand, I want to say, "At least it has a good voice cast," because it does (and Hiroshi Kamiya proves once again that he is exceptionally good at playing heartless jerks), but on the other hand...they don't get to talk much. Maybe in the second half.

Today I'm thankful for finishing our work quota today, still having toffee to keep our spirits up, having plans to finally listen to our new Saiyuki comedy CD tonight, anteaters, and Lockon not being his real name.