August 28th, 2012



The busyness has subsided! ...For now, at least. We think we can get back to a somewhat normal schedule tomorrow, and if all goes well, we'll be able to sleep in on Friday, in preparation for going to the vineyard early Saturday morning. And maybe I'll have time to post about all the stuff that's been on my mind! There's a post about adapting manga that's been kicking around in our heads for at least a week now! But for today, we want to enjoy our free evening.

As a random note, one of the people who goes to our Home Evening Group is the daughter of a mail carrier, and so we found out that mail carriers like to deliver packages, because the more packages they deliver, the closer they get to getting more days off and various other benefits. That's good to know, because we sometimes hesitate to order stuff online, because we don't want to make the mail carriers bring stuff all the way to our door. But now that we know that they like it...

Today I'm thankful for finishing the busyness, not having to rearrange our self-imposed deadlines, learning new things about mail carriers, having a free evening ahead of us, and slightly cooler weather trends.