August 25th, 2012

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Main Street fun

Wow, these last couple of days have been busy! We got our copy of the Ace Attorney movie on Thursday and haven't had time to watch it! We spent all day working yesterday! Well, except when we were eating...and watching the last episode of season two of H2O. And when we finished working, we rewarded ourselves with the first episode of season three. But the point is, we spent a lot of time working, and that's why we haven't been updating. Well, except on Thursday, when we had a church activity, as always, and a visit from our visiting teachers, which inspired a big long rant that I don't have time to type about, which is just as well, because it's not entirely coherent right now. Well, I might have time, but we're hoping to have some time to relax today.

Anyway, Collapse )

I thought I could finish today! Clearly, we talk too much. In fact, I think the main reason we've been sitting here for an hour writing this report is not that it's that long (it's a little long), but that I'd type something, and then we'd have to discuss it. And we got distracted at Wikipedia. But you have to admit, Wikipedia is pretty awesome.

Today I'm thankful for Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln, the cheering powers of our Tiger & Bunny CD, the promise of (most likely) watching the Ace Attorney movie tonight, finishing the file yesterday, and marching bands.