August 21st, 2012


Jamboree part I

I have a little cold that I may have contracted at Disneyland or I may have contracted from the mysteriously sticky organ at church on Sunday, but the point is, I got a cough drop. The cough drop wrapper says it's trying to be encouraging, so it has little messages all over it, like, "You can do it and you know it." But most of them seem to be along the lines of, "Let's hear your battle cry!" And I'm like, "If my throat were in any position to make any kind of a battle cry, would I even need a cough drop?" That's not encouragement--it's some kind of a cruel joke! Or it's trying to get people to make battle cries so they'll need more cough drops. Or maybe it's saying, "I'll make your throat all better, so when it is, let's hear your battle cry!" Hmmm...

Anyway, Collapse )

Today I'm thankful for Indy time, Red Rocket's Pizza Port, salty pizza, getting to hang out with cast members, and not passing out from heat exhaustion.