August 9th, 2012



There's a very long, boring story as to why we haven't posted in so long. It's so boring I get bored just thinking about telling it. ...Well, maybe more stressed than bored. The short version is various factors led to us thinking there might be a virus on our computer, I spent many hours yesterday trying to fix it, and after performing a few different scans, we came to the conclusion that we probably don't have a virus, but we do have an old, tired computer.

Though on the other hand, recent developments have me wondering if it is a virus after all. See the computer was running very very slowly yesterday morning, so we checked what processes were running, because we had run a full virus scan the day before and it came up clean. There was one that was taking up inordinate amounts of memory, and it was wuauclt.exe. So we Googled it and found out it's the Windows automatic updater client thingie...unless it's a virus. Well, that's not helpful. So, as I sort of said above, we tried a bunch of things to figure it out.

When we actually pulled up the task manager and hit "end process," the little icon popped up saying there were 19 upgrades to be installed. After a little more virus scanning, and still not getting anything, we figured it was all just a misunderstanding, and the slowness of the computer was just because of age (it's six years old). It was later that we thought oh, maybe the updater was taking up so much memory because it was downloading 19 upgrades.

And tonight we now have 24 new upgrades to install (after installing the 19 from yesterday, which of course I now realize was probably a dumb idea), so now I'm suspicious again. If any computer savvy people can tell me if that's normal or not, please do.

Anyway, the upshot of all this is that this morning, when the updater was still taking up a ton of memory, I called Mom for a ride to the grocery store, and I sounded pretty dead from the stress, so she asked if I was okay, and I said we might be having computer problems, so she said how old is your computer and I said six years and she said you need a new computer. So before we went to the grocery store, we went to Best Buy and have been recommended a computer to serve our needs (decent speed, affordable). We didn't buy it because by that time we were pretty eager to get moving, and besides, it's probably better to sleep on it. And ask for opinions. Anybody know anything about the HP Slimline?

Also, we made a new friend, who was able to explain to us why the computer freezes on startup when we have the wireless adapter plugged in. She couldn't solve the problem, but it's nice to know why.

Today I'm thankful for Mom and Steve being kind enough to take us to Best Buy, friendly sales representatives who can explain stuff and ramble about Japan with us, actually managing to get plenty of work done today, getting to cool down and watch some H2O: Just Add Water, and having more Parmesan & Italian Herb Chex Mix.