August 4th, 2012


More kitty drama

As we did our various chores today (laundry, paying the rent), we went in and out of the apartment several times, and every time, we noticed that the catfood dish in front of our neighbor's apartment was completely empty. Normally, we wouldn't have thought much about it, because our neighbor's cats are outdoor cats, and we figure they can take care of themselves pretty well, but the cat herself (we think it's a she, anyway) was there too, and seeming pretty forlorn. Maybe we were imagining it, or maybe she was just hot, but that's what we thought, so we brought some water out for her.

Oh right, the other reason we thought more about the empty food dish than normal is the whole incident I mentioned yesterday, with the cat fight inside our apartment. Derek (the neighbor's other cat) wouldn't have had to come all the way into the living room to find food, though, so at that point he was probably just exploring, but we have to wonder what made him bold enough to come in in the first place.

Anyway, the empty food dish, the cat burglars making us think there might be a food shortage, and the possibly forlorn kitty outside our door who seemed especially sad after we left some water out for her (she came to the bowl, sniffed it, and looked up like, "This isn't food...") all added up and made us bold enough to knock on our neighbor's door to let them know their cats' food dish was empty.

We heard the TV on, so we knew they were home, but they didn't answer the door. I knocked again, still no answer. The third time, I used the knocker, and there is no ignoring the knocker. So the neighbor came to the window and asked who it was. I said I was from next door and told her the cats needed food. She said she fed them this morning, and Athena pointed out later (when it finally occurred to her) that we should have just said oh, okay and left it at that, because she probably just said it out of pride. Like, "I know how to take care of my cat, okay!?"

Still, usually that dish gets filled to overflowing and takes a while to be depleted, so of course we didn't believe her and I said, "But it's completely empty." She was like, "Yeah, I have two cats." That was when I really did back down, and she added that we could take our bowl back, too. Well, we're glad she noticed, but if she was so worried about her pet owner image, why did she let us keep giving the cats water until now? (Athena suggests maybe she didn't notice the bowl had been refilled several times.)

So we came back inside, and sure enough, a few minutes later, we were able to see her bring her little boy outside to fill the catfood dish with food. The cat was so eager to get something to eat that it was getting in the way, and they kept shooing it away with their feet so they could get the job done.

We're glad the cat finally got fed, but we do worry about her future. She's one of the cutest kitties we ever saw (she's like a white and orange tabby wearing a sheer black coat), and it's heartbreaking to think of her not getting the food she needs. And water, in this heat.

Today I'm thankful for the cat finally getting food and water, finding quarters to do our laundry with (our laundry quarters have mysteriously vanished; I was sure we had more of them), getting everything done today that we needed to get done, still having plenty of time for Theatrhythm, and people who don't lie to protect their image.