August 3rd, 2012


Kitty battle

Today has been a little surreal, partly because it's one of those really hot and yet partly cloudy days, which kind of goes along with our whole imaginary Apocalypse lighting image, and partly because we started a new project today (don't worry; I guarantee you will not be excited about it), and although we worked on the same project at the same time, we worked on it separately, so there was a lot less communicating than our normal work pattern, and it felt a lot more isolated. Turns out it's a rush job, too, so we may end up having to put our Disneyland trip off for another week.

But in more exciting news, last night as we were playing our last bit of Legend Cards before bed, suddenly the relative silence was broken by the screeching of cats. That was kind of surreal, too, because there was no crashing or anything--just cats howling. As soon as we got the hall light on, the screaming stopped, so we can only guess by the patches of fur strewn across the living room floor that the neighbor's cat had come in and run into Page. (Or so I want to tell it, because it sounds more dramatic, but Athena actually saw the interloper running away, so there you have it.)

Page is okay, and we think the neighbor's cat didn't fall when jumping off the balcony, so everyone's okay. It's kind of funny, seeing all that fur all over the place, and yet looking at Page, you'd never know anything happened. But she did avoid going on the balcony until about an hour ago.

We still don't know what the deal is with the neighbor's cats though. We left water out for them one night when it was hot and their water dish was practically empty and tainted with soggy cat food, and ever since, the neighbors started filling both cat dishes with food and letting us take care of the water. We feel a little used. There's also suspicion of Derek (as we have recently nicknamed the neighbor's cat, because he reminds us of Elisa's brother in Gargoyles) coming into our apartment to find food and/or water, so it's looking like we might have to ask our neighbors what's going on, and if we should find better living situations for their kitties. We have wanted to kidnap their other cat for a very long time, but we're not sure Page would get along with it. Anyway, maybe next time Derek sneaks in, we'll go have a chat with the neighbors.

Today I'm thankful for Magnum bars being on sale at Fresh & Easy today, having plans to watch the last two episodes of Psych season 5 tonight, also having plans to play Theatrhythm tonight, Page not getting severely hurt in the cat fight, and the Birth by Sleep (et al) soundtrack.