June 24th, 2012


We had an adventure

So apparently it was just us locked out of LiveJournal for the last twenty-four hours. We finally had stuff to post about and everything, but nope. No LJ for us. That's okay, though, because we had other fun stuff to do.

As I mentioned about a week ago, we canceled the cable about a week ago. They said we had ten calendar days to drop off all the equipment (cable receiver, remote) at a UPS Store or they would charge us $100. Then they sent us an email saying it would be $150. I asked the lady on the phone if there was some way we could package everything and ship it ourselves, but she said no. So we thought about it for a little while and then got distracted with things like work and temple trips and Psych, and then the weekend rolled around and we were like, "Oh yeah..."

We figured it would be okay because a movie came out this weekend that Mom really wants to see, and nobody wants to see it with her but us, but she really wants to see it. So we would call Mom and go to the movie, and while we were out and about, we would stop by the UPS Store and the problem would be solved! Yay!

I called Mom Friday morning and found out she was just about out the door on the way to some trip with Steve and wouldn't be back until Saturday night. The movie would have to wait until Monday...but we already had plans to go to Disneyland Monday and Tuesday, and Monday was the last of our ten calendar days. (As it turns out, our Disneyland plans have just shifted to Tuesday and Wednesday, so I guess we could have tried tomorrow after all. Oh well; it's taken care of and that's the important thing.)

So we had the option of calling an acquaintance for a ride, paying the $150, or taking matters into our own hands and riding the bus. Well, we're getting really tired of people these days, and $150 is a lot of money to pay for a cable receiver that we won't be able to use, so the bus was it. We were a little scared, because we've had bad experiences with buses, but we realize that people take the bus all the time, every day, and it's not even an issue, so why the heck not?

We looked up bus routes on line to find out which one to take, and when we got to the intersection where we thought our stop should be, a helpful street-corner sign-turner pointed out which stop would take us where we wanted to go and which stop we could get off at when we got back. The idea of missing our stop is one of the things that really scares us about bus travel, so we were greatly comforted by this information. We even saw buses stopping there, so we knew we'd be able to get home!

And off we went to the UPS Store! That part of the trip only took a few minutes, but the store was very close to the mall, so as a reward for braving public transportation, we went shopping. We went to the Disney Store where we got a Jiminy Cricket plush that turned out to be on clearance for $5! And it was the last one! We wanted it in case we ever find an opportunity to wear our Kingdom Hearts Donald and Goofy costumes again, so we were pretty happy to get it before it disappeared forever (or until the next time Disney decides to sell a Jiminy Cricket plush). Then the cashier convinced us to get the Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather plushes, too. We are suckers for plushies.

We also got a thank you card for our vet and Wii Music for our Wii! We're pretty excited about that one, but still have a difficult time bringing ourselves to play it for some reason. It may have something to do with our recent obsession with Psych. We could play Wii Music, or we could watch Psych. Psych wins. Or maybe we just wanted to wait until we got back from Disneyland. I don't know.

After lunch at the food court followed by dessert from Mrs. Fields, it was time to go. We made it to the bus stop right after our bus left. That was okay; we'd had a pretty good day, and we didn't mind waiting. Fortunately, it wasn't a very hot day, either. Half an hour later, the next bus came by, and we were happily on our way home.

Until! the bus took an unexpected turn. We had seen something about a weekend detour on the website, but we'd seen a bus on this very route stop at the stop we were going to, so we figured it would just dip down to this other street, then go back up to the street we were on, and we'd be back on our way. But at the next stop, everybody got off except us and one other guy. And then the bus turned back the way it had come from!

The other guy got off at the next stop, and we were like, "Wait a minute! This is just like all our bus nightmares!" And we don't actually dream about the bus, so by "nightmares," I mean "past bad experiences." And then the bus driver said, "Just one more stop and that's it." So we got off and walked the rest of the way home. Looking it up on Google maps, we walked about two miles.

And that is exactly why we hate taking the bus. Somehow, this always happens to us. We looked up the bus route, we even knew a little about the detour (which was not really explained on the site; it just marked it on the map), but there was nothing at the stops, and nothing on the bus to tell us that something was wrong. We had seen a bus from that very route stop at the stop we wanted to stop at!

Sigh. Anyway, after that we bought tickets to the circus, so we cheered up fairly soon. But man.

Today I'm thankful for making it home safely, having a lovely time at the mall, finding a copy of Wii Music, having relatively cool weather yesterday, and the Everybody Votes Channel on the Wii.