June 22nd, 2012


Putting things in order

Apparently life is getting dangerously close to Too Boring. We're endeavoring to fix the problem, but we're not very creative. In the meantime, we're back to organizing our apartment. We set aside the claimed books and started putting the rest of our comp copies in storage bins...then discovered we don't have enough bins. Ah well, at least we made a significant dent in the stacks of manga on our dresser.

Another thing we did today was split up our Facebook account. We didn't say anything about it on Facebook (though I'm sure it told everybody I changed my name), because we're kind of hoping people who notice will be like, "What? What happened? Are they having a fight? What's going on?" We don't know why; we just think it would be funny, I guess. It might have something to do with a former Relief Society president who kept trying to make us more "individual." Yeah, we'll be individual, but first we're going to make you wonder if it's really such a good idea. Or we just have a twisted sense of humor. Or maybe we're hoping it will actually get people's attention.

Anyway, that's why I still haven't accepted Athena's friend request.

The real reason we decided we cared enough about Facebook to divide our accounts has everything to do with a Facebook game (Legend Cards). We started playing it to research something for work, and since LJ is so boring these days, it's been a good way to break the monotony. But it involves collecting cards, and when you start playing, you have to choose an affinity, which makes it easier to find some cards but impossible to find others! So the only way to complete the various collections is to trade cards with friends who have different affinities.

Well, the easiest way to do that is to make sure you have a friend you talk to regularly who has a different affinity. And so we decided to divide our Facebook account, so Athena could start playing Legend Cards with a different affinity, and finally we'll be able to complete the collections in a timely manner. And we'll have a team for events.

And that's our incredibly nerdy reason for finally ending the confusion and each getting our own Facebook account.

Today I'm thankful for having significantly smaller manga stacks on our dresser, the hope of completing all those collections in Legend Cards, the weather being significantly cooler today, being able to take the day off today, and getting to go to the temple yesterday.