June 19th, 2012


Attitude adjustment(?)

I realized last night that we're always dwelling on negative stuff lately, and we need to stop it. On the other hand, life has been so routine, it's been pretty hard to talk about fun things. It kind of hit me the other day when I was on the phone with our cousin. We started talking about Epic Mickey, and as it turns out, nobody in the conversation really enjoys the game much. Our cousin has put the game aside, but we feel this obligation to play it, and that's part of what makes our life so routine--we make up these things that we have to do.

On the other hand, we usually don't add something to our routine unless we want to do it, and in fact we haven't touched Epic Mickey since Friday, and before that we hadn't played it for a week. Much as we dislike it, we still want to play it, partially because we won't feel justified judging what seems like a bunch of plot-holes until we've made it through to the end--maybe everything ends up making sense. The other part has to do with our sense of duty; we bought the game, we started playing the game, and darn it! we're going to finish it. ...Eventually. (On the other hand, we haven't picked up Type-0 in months, and we like that game.)

So really I think we're just...I don't even know. We have a bunch of stuff we do that we like doing, but not a whole lot of stuff we get excited about. Maybe it's just an attitude thing. And that's why we're trying to focus on the negative stuff less.

Today I'm thankful for having a bunch of enjoyable stuff to do, getting a shipping confirmation from Play-Asia, Page being super adorable today (she's gotten into the habit of sleeping at our feet while we're working; makes it hard to put our feet down, but it's really really cute), having Poptarts to take the place of breakfast now that our milk is starting to smell like cheese (there was an accident on the way home from the grocery store; it actually lasted a little longer than we expected), and getting to play Disney Scene It at Home Evening Group last night.