June 16th, 2012


Manga and pirate bands

It is way too hot today. But anyway, we've been productive. We got some organizing done in the spare bedroom, so now we can say with almost certainty that the list of manga we had before was complete. (Although there's still a possibility that we'll come across something we missed as we continue to organize.)

So for anybody who's interested in some manga, Collapse )

While we are willing to give the manga away for free, we're not willing to pay for the shipping. Just email us or PM which volumes we want and your address. We will calculate shipping and send you the books once the shipping has been paid. Paypal is most convenient for us, but of course we're willing to negotiate. And it's on a first come, first serve basis, so once something's been spoken for...we might have more copies, so check anyway, but be aware.

In other news, we were thiiiis close to buying a concertina today! But we didn't, because the internet talked us into wanting a different one that cost twice as much! And while we probably could get it right now, twice as much is twice as much. We always have to step back and think about such things. We also want a little Irish harp now, but since those wouldn't really work so well for a pirate band, it's easier to remain wistful.

Regardless of waiting on the concertina, we are making progress toward building our pirate band. Namely, we bought felt. And what does felt have to do with playing pirate instruments? It will make a pouch to carry tin whistles in! At least for now, while we're still a low-budget pirate band. Maybe someday we'll make a pouch out of leather.

Today I'm thankful for Mom treating us to lunch and cupcakes, having so much more floor space in the spare bedroom now, the fancy patterned felt they had at Jo-Ann's, helpful websites to explain what you want in a concertina, and finding another paycheck in the mailbox.