June 15th, 2012


A hard thing to do

We did a sad thing today that had to be done. We canceled the cable.

It actually wasn't that bad. In fact, one of the main reasons we decided it was time to finally make the effort to get a Wii is that we wanted to be able to watch Hulu on the TV instead of sitting at the computer (the TV has more comfortable seating). So really, we were supposed to cancel the cable about three weeks ago. But we never got around to it, because we like to get right to work, and by the time we're done working, we think, "Oh, wait, I don't know if the cable company's phone lines will still be open." We could have checked, but...pfft.

But now the cable is canceled and gone, and I felt bad doing it, because I know everybody's trying to save money, which is why it's so hard to say, "And so you won't be getting any more of mine." Unless you're being a jerk, like Disneyland is.

But in a complete change of subject, Banri Hidaka's been updating her blog a lot lately. We think it's because she let her assistants go pursue...whatever it is they're pursuing. So if she's anything like us, she's using the internet to make up for her lack of social interaction.

Anyway, the reason I bring it up is that one of her recent posts talked about fonts, and since we know some people who are interested in manga fonts, we thought they might like to know about it. The only thing we really got out of it (aside from a bunch of Japanese font names) is that Hidaka-sensei usually lets her editor choose her fonts, but sometimes, there's a font that she reeeally wants for a specific line, and that's when she'll ask for that one. There's a bunch of pictures, too, that we find fascinating because it's Japanese text layout type stuff, and we're language geeks.

She always said there were some font changes in the new release of Sekaichi, so if you have both versions and some free time, compare them! ...So now we have to go buy some manga.

I think there was one last thing I wanted to talk about today, but I can't remember what it was. Oh well.

Today I'm thankful for Page being adorable (I sneezed, and then we heard a little sneeze from the closet), fascinating manga artist blog posts, having a flexible enough schedule to blow off work today (eheh...), the weather being cooler than it was yesterday, and the thought of all the money we're saving.