June 13th, 2012


Retail therapy

I must say, I am reluctant to update LiveJournal today, not because I'm too sad or anything, but because today has really not been that interesting. I could mention how strongly we were tempted to blow off work and watch Psych all day, but first, it wasn't that strong a temptation, because we ended up working anyway, and second, we were tempted exactly the same way two weeks ago, before there were any signs of upcoming tragedy.

There was a temptation that we did give in to, however. I don't even know what made me think of it, but Athena tells me Oreo told me about it. See, we finished our first draft of the last volume of Deltora Quest today, so most likely it was that we were thinking about the series in general, the anime, and oh hey, wasn't there a video game? Why, yes. Yes, there was. Not only that, but we knew somehow that the music for it was written by one of our favorite video game music composers (who also did the music for the Romeo x Juliet anime). I guess we did a little bit of research on it a while back, like maybe when we started translating the manga.

Anyway, I remembered that the game existed, and was sad that we probably couldn't get a hold of it. Then Athena reminded me that we never actually made any effort to get a hold of it, so my assumption that we'd already discovered it was out of print was completely unfounded. And so off we went to Play-Asia to see if we could get a copy. Lo and behold, there it was! And it didn't even say out of stock!

So we sat there for a few minutes, like, "I waaaant iiiiitt..." And Athena was like, "So geeeeett iiiiitt." And I was like, "But we can't!" And she was like, "So?" And I was like, "Okay, fine!"

Only it actually didn't go that way at all, except for the first half. It was more like, "But what if we need the money for something?" "Oh well." And then we figured that since we were splurging on import video games anyway, we might as well get Theatrhythm for 3DS. And between that and the Wii and not having gotten 100% in Kingdom Hearts 3D or even having beaten Type-0, we don't know when we'll have time for any of it! But we'll figure it out.

Athena says, "It's great! Now I have options! I'l be like, 'I feel like playing...this one today.' And then we'll go watch Psych."

Today I'm thankful for the Deltora Quest video game still being orderable, reliable-sounding promises of paychecks being on their way, being done with laundry for now, getting to talk to our cousin on Monday, and today feeling slightly cooler than yesterday.