June 11th, 2012



We're going to go ahead and indulge in another post about Oreo today.

Oreo's the type to want to be left alone when he's not feeling well, which made things hard, because we wanted to do anything and everything possible to make him feel better, so when he was obviously having a hard time breathing, we wanted to get him water or pet him or something that might make things a little more comfortable. But he would have none of it, so we did what we think he wanted and left him alone. We played some Mario watched the Sword in the Stone.

In the middle of the Sword in the Stone, Athena got a phone call about some pre-YSA conference stuff, which had us a little annoyed because a few things are not being handled very well, so we spent a little bit of time ranting to each other about that, and before we got back to the movie, we checked in briefly on Oreo. He was still lying on the floor, but he was holding his head up!

Then he started meowing, so we went in to pet him for a little while. He didn't seem to want that so much, but he did seem to want some food. So Athena got up to get him some, and he did his best to follow her, meeting her in the hallway, where he ate a little. Then he ran out of energy and lay down where he was. We went back to leaving him alone and watching the movie, convinced that this was either a sign that he would recover or his last goodbye.

When we woke up this morning, he was gone. We feel a little bad that we couldn't be there for him when he went, but we think that's how he wanted it. We're really, really sad to think that he won't be here anymore, but on the other hand, his health has been failing for a long time, and we're glad he's not suffering anymore. And he gets to be with Mimsy again. And he doesn't have to deal with Page anymore (but we think he didn't mind that so much).

He was seventeen and two-thirds years old, and we're all a little surprised he made it that long. Oreo's been through a lot in the health department, ever since he was a kitten and swallowed a needle. We were all sure he'd leave us before Mimsy, which is part of why Mimsy's passing was such a shock. We still break out in tears, but I think we're taking this a little better, since we've been through it before, and the last part of it went a lot more quickly than it did with Mimsy.

Anyway, he drove Athena crazy sometimes, but we love him a lot. I wanted to think of the little things he always did that were so endearing, but I'm having a difficult time focusing. But things like how he'd sleep on the video game controllers, or how he'd sneeze when you scratched his chin. He was always so patient with almost everything we put him through, and now he doesn't have to take that nasty medicine ever again.

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Today I'm thankful for Oreo and the seventeen and two-thirds years he spent with our family, I'm thankful that he's done suffering and that he gets to be with his sister again, I'm thankful for all the wonderful veterinarians that have helped him survive this long, that he got to sit with Athena on the couch a few more times before he got too weak, and that we had the opportunity to say goodbye last night.
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