June 7th, 2012


Kitty care

I wish there was more to report on the Oreo situation, but there's not. We were kind of wishy-washy about whether or not to go to the vet, mostly because we hate going to the vet. (Not that we don't like our vet, just that it's so much more involved than it probably should be.)

We had a plan to fill a sock with rice and heat it up, because we know a ton of people who have bad backs and rely on heated rice-filled objects to give them comfort. So we broke out our food storage (which is the only place we own rice) and filled up a sock! ...And he hates it, but he very patiently dealt with it while Athena held it close to him for a while. Only we're not sure if it actually helped, or if that might be why he seems to be doing a little worse. Siiiigh.

Anyway, while all that was going on, we called Mom for advice about how long to heat the sock, and whether or not to go to the vet. She said we could just go to the vet right now, since she's babysitting and might as well take the baby out and about as watch him at home the whole time. So I called the vet! Tadah!

...But our favorite doctor was out for the day. And we've had so many aggravating dealings with other vets that we were like, "Yeah, we'll just wait." So Oreo hasn't been to see the veterinarian yet and therefore we still don't know what's wrong. In the meantime, the rice sock is in the freezer in the hopes that he prefers numbing the pain to heating it up.

We've managed to not worry ourselves sick because we're very good at throwing ourselves into our work. Of course, we're working on the last arc of Higurashi, which isn't the most cheerful of stories (at least not so far; I'm guessing it's not going to be for a while), but it's interesting at least.

Today I'm thankful for having some rice to fill a sock with, all the times we've seen Oreo with his eyes fully closed (hopefully sleeping soundly), having enough quarters to get a last-minute load into the laundry (I agreed to bring towels to tonight's activity for water balloon volleyball, not realizing that most of our towels needed to be washed, and we needed to get them in the wash NOW or there wouldn't be any time for them to dry), Oreo still having a decent appetite, and not having to fill up any water balloons.