June 3rd, 2012



Suddenly, June is shaping up to be a pretty busy month...maybe. The main point is, we might be going to AM2 after all. Not AX, the other one. It's in two weeks, and if we do go, we're probably just going to watch the Ace Attorney movie and then leave, but we'd still want to make our Ace Attorney costumes, and I'd have less than two weeks to do it! Oooohhh noooo!

We had discussed taking the whole week off to recuperate after Disneyland, but that was just the stress talking, and it probably wouldn't be a good idea. That last arc of Higurashi isn't going to translate itself! But of course, going to Disneyland is going to take time away from making costumes, and I need a new pair of fabric scissors. Those two thoughts aren't really related, but my mind's kind of jumbled right now. (So jumbled, in fact, that I would have left the D off of that first jumbled if Athena hadn't caught it.)

Anyway, so we're going to Disneyland again tomorrow, which means we're leaving tonight, and since we'd spent the whole day away from home yesterday and Athena had a lot of stuff to take care of for church (mostly signup sheets) and for kitties, there was a bunch of stress. But now it's mostly taken care of, so we can mostly relax, except that I failed to ask Gaston what time he'll be showing up to pick us up tonight. Siiigh.

Well, that's pretty much all. I wanted to say something interesting, but I got nothing.

Today I'm thankful for tentative plans to see the Ace Attorney movie, finally getting that episode of Psych to work last night, being done with most of the current stress, having some time to read manga today, and the new Sunday school teacher not being too upset with us for being uppity.