May 29th, 2012

kid flash


As I mentioned on Saturday, we knew that the Wii Shop is potentially a very dangerous place for our productivity levels. So many shiny games from back in the good old days... But! we decided to take the temptation and turn it into a motivator! Tadah! This way we get shiny nostalgia and a more organized apartment.

And that brings us back to something that we meant to do weeks ago, but failed to do because we're such pack rats. Some of you may remember that we bought a bookcase and filled it with comp copies of manga, which we were then going to give away or something in order to make room for all the manga we read for fun. (We thought about saying we'd give them away but would appreciate any donations by those receiving the manga to our Concertina Fund, and we also thought about outright selling it, but...we got it for free (technically; I mean, we did work for it, after all).) So we put all the manga on the shelf! and immediately started thinking, "'s our shiny manga...!"

But thanks to the Wii Shop, we have decided it's time to get over ourselves! Then again, it's possible nobody will want our manga, so we'll just have to find another way to store it and keep it anyway. And so today I was going to announce all the books that are up for grabs!

...But when we took inventory, we noticed some missing volumes that we think we actually have somewhere, in the depths of all our stuff, so we thought it might be better to wait to give them away until we've been through all our stuff to see if we can find those missing volumes (I Hate You♥ 6, for example). But someday! we will post all the manga we're willing to give away.

Still, just as a heads up, I can give a list of titles:

Negima!? neo
I Hate You More Than Anyone
March on Earth
Kamichama Karin Chu
Nabari no Ou
Higurashi: When they Cry
Ace Attorney

...We think that's the bulk of it. We also have Name of the Flower, but we're more reluctant to give that away, since we know that volume one is so hard to find these days. And in that vein, we have the first volume of Oh! My Brother. I don't think we ever did get a copy of My Darling! Miss Bancho 1. Sad.

Anyway, there you have it. Now we have to figure out other ways to advance the organization process.

Today I'm thankful for finally finishing that volume of Negima! (so...much...talking...), new-found motivation, having a shiny Mario Galaxy soundtrack to listen to at work (it came with the Wii), figuring out Hulu Plus on the Wii, and managing to finish work early today.