May 27th, 2012


The brain game

Just a quick update today. Yesterday, when we came home to drop off our groceries, we found that our Disney Cranium game had arrived in the mail! So we brought it with us back to Mom and Steve's car to show to everyone, but they were so busy running errands (and watching MIB3) even after we went to Best Buy that there was no time to play it. Fortunately, Celeste is in town all weekend, so it was agreed that we would go to Mom's house for dinner today, and play Cranium afterward.

The game was super fun, and had a bunch of stuff that didn't require Disney geekiness to accomplish. For example, my team had to go find stuff, including something with feet, something with fairy wings, and something with teeth like a crocodile. And Athena's team had to play shiritori with things found at a zoo. But there were some harder Disney-related ones, too, like name three of the seven breeds of dog that appear in Oliver & Company.

And now we're home and, for some reason, unreasonably tired.

Today I'm thankful for getting to play a fun game of Cranium, Mom making no-bakes (one of these days I'm going to come up with my own personal official name for those cookies; we used to call them chocolate oatmeal cookies), having a fun time with everyone at Mom's house, a relatively cool forecast for tomorrow (Steve's having a barbecue, so we're going to be outside), and it now being bedtime.