May 20th, 2012



So yesterday we kind of ditched Live Journal, because we were in too much of a fiery rage to respond to comments on our post (rage that was inspired by something that will be discussed later, but not today; it's Sunday), and then we had a big long activity to go to, and by the time we got home, we really needed to unwind.

Anyway, yesterday we had a big long activity! At first, we were fairly indifferent to it--not really excited or unexcited, just like, "Oh well, I guess we have this thing to go to." Then, as mentioned earlier, we were in a fiery rage, so we started looking forward to this activity even less. And to top it all off, about five to ten minutes before our ride showed up, Mom called and asked if we wanted to go see Dark Shadows. Well yes, we did want to go see Dark Shadows, but we had a big long activity to go to, and our ride was probably on her way, so we really ought to go to that.

So we did, and found out it didn't actually start until an hour after we got there. Blarrrrrrgh. So we killed time by accompanying our ride to the shoe store so she could get some shoes for work, and there we found! the perfect shoes for cosplaying Dahlia Hawthorne from the Ace Attorney series. Just sitting right there on the...shelf-y thing. They weren't exactly like Dahlia's, but they were close enough that we figured nobody would complain. And then we proceeded to not buy them because we didn't have any money on us, or any official plans to go somewhere where one of us might wear a Dahlia Hawthorne costume.

The activity itself turned out to be less blarghful than we had begun to anticipate. Part of this may have had to do with the appearance of Disneyland Associate Donald, at whom we proceeded to let off a bunch of steam by ranting about how the Little Mermaid ride is really much less awesome than it should be. And then we found out that they weren't going to make us do stuff in the sun unprotected--the activity people had brought sunblock for everyone! Yay! (We did think of putting some on ourselves, but not until we were already in the car on the way to the activity.)

There was a lot of fun stuff going on, I guess, but we weren't really interested in most of it. They had a couple of pretty awesome bouncy things (a slide and an obstacle course) which were super fun but also super exhausting, and in the sun. So we didn't really do much except hang out, which was a little boring because we're not so good at the "mingling."

But there was one thing that made me pretty glad that we went, and that was the discovery of a long-lost cousin! ...Twice or three times removed? We don't know. She was a cousin or second cousin of Dad's. Anyway, she came up to us one time, and said, "So I understand you're Nibleys? I'm a Nibley, too." And we were like, "Whoa!"

And then she told us stories about going to family home evening at Grandpa's house. She told us one story about how Grandpa found out she was learning French, so he picked up an Asterix comic (an anthology maybe? she said book) that was sitting there, in French, and said that it would be the best thing for learning good, colloquial French. So she asked if she could borrow it, and he indicated this little boy who had to be about four, and said, "Well, it's his comic." She said she was really impressed that Grandpa showed that much respect, to not lend out the comic anyway, even though it was just a little boy's, but we were like, "Well, yeah. It was his comic. You can't lend it out willy-nilly."

...That being the case, hopefully Donald's mom is aware of the fact that he just loaned us her copy of Cars 2. (We told him we hadn't seen it, and we didn't want to pay any kind of money for it. He couldn't blame us, because he hates it, but we all agreed that we ought to see it, just so as to not leave that spot blank in our Disney/Pixar education.)

So anyway, we had a good time talking to our distant relative, and then we played a game that was pretty much invented to be awkward. Everybody sits in a circle, and then the person in charge reads out a statement, like, "If you moved out of state to go to college, go three spaces to the left." But not everybody moved out of state to go to college, so not everybody's moving. So if you go three spaces to the left, and someone's sitting in that chair, you sit on their lap. It was actually kind of fun once you get over the whole "personal space" thing. We got piles of five people, but not any more than that.

And then we talked with Donald and Michelangelo some more about the state of Disney, and while the conversation was fun, it filled us with a bit of despair mixed with a twinge of rage, so we weren't exactly in the best of spirits when we got home. But we were glad to be home and play some Kingdom Hearts.

Today I'm thankful for meeting a long-lost cousin, managing to improve our attitudes over the course of the day yesterday, Athena being done stressing over her talk, getting to hear a good talk in sacrament meeting today, and having happy manga to read.