May 11th, 2012


Ramblin' again

Um...I think all my interestingness from this week has gone away. We just haven't had a whole lot of time to think about stuff, because today was a random errand day, which meant a lot of going from one odd job to the next.

I guess we could talk a little about our theory on what makes comedy so hard to translate. See, one thing we've noticed from the small sampling of translators we've talked to is that it takes a lot of academic prowess to learn two languages. Well, depending on how old you were when you started. But most of the translators we've talked to or read blogs of seem to be the "started in teen years or later" types.

Anyway, this is a broad generalization, but a lot of academic types also seem to be the types to take life very seriously. They...and actually a bunch of non-academic types, come to think of very hard to ensure that no one makes fun of them. And that is exactly the problem. The whole point of comedy is to make fun. Not necessarily of someone or something, but just to create fun in general. And we're strongly of the opinion that it's hard to have fun when you take things too seriously.

...On the other hand, we're also the types to give other people the impression that we are Very Serious, and it's true that we take some things very seriously that other people seem to think of rather lightly. The meaning of the word "somehow," for example.

So...I don't know. I lost my train of thought because I was trying to remember where "somehow" was used as a filler word and actually ended up changing the nuance. I know it was in Kingdom Hearts somewhere...maybe on Destiny Islands... I don't know. It's not important.

Actually, "actually" is another word people seem to throw around without seeming to realize that it changes the nuance. People keep saying things like, "It was actually a good movie," and we're like, "You expected it not to be?" Maybe they did, but they didn't indicate that to be the case. Maybe they just don't expect anything to be good ever, so whenever they like something, they use that "actually" to indicate that. Is it because it's so risky to like things these days?

Anyway, I think I've rambled enough. Today I'm thankful for the super yummy cheddar cheese popcorn from Disneyland, getting most of our errands taken care of, remembering funny lines from Iron Man, having a ride to the temple tomorrow, and once again being surrounded by adorable kitties.