May 10th, 2012



Wow, I had no idea people were so passionate about cookie dough. ...Actually, maybe we did, but we were still surprised at the response. I really think the moral of the story is if you don't like something, that's okay, but if somebody else likes it, that doesn't necessarily make them a bad person. (I had to say "necessarily," because, for example, somebody might like shooting random passersby with a pellet gun. Most people would agree that that's not a very good hobby.)

Anyway, last night turned out to be a pretty good night. We got to see the Avengers, which was awesome, and when we came home, our stuff wasn't stolen, and we think our air conditioner was working. Of course, it's much cooler today, so we haven't bothered to try and find out. They were still working on the AC when we left for the movie, so we left the door unlocked, which had us a little concerned, but thankfully they locked the door when they were done, and were honest themselves.

Speaking of the Avengers! Oh my goodness, the awesomeness. When we watched the Thor and Captain America movies, we noticed how much action there was (as opposed to more "character" scenes), and adding that up with how many "main characters" there were supposed to be in the Avengers, we were afraid that anybody watching would be disappointed in the amount of time spent on their favorite character, unless that favorite character was Explosions. We were not wrong about the people whose favorite character is Explosions would be very, very happy (we think; Explosions isn't our favorite character, so we couldn't say for sure), but we were also pleasantly surprised at how much time they spent portraying each of the other characters. Except maybe Hawkeye, but since he didn't have a movie and he's been called out for archery fraud (I'm sorry Mr. Renner; I couldn't resist)...

Anyway. Yeah, lots of awesome character development. We're in love with Captain America. And with Thor, to a lesser extent. Iron Man is fun, and he's great on a team because he has so many more people use his rapier wit on, but...not really "in love." But he probably is responsible for making the movie as awesome as it was.

Little thing about Captain America that made me love him even more was the fact that he used the two-finger point. I learned to use a two-finger point when I worked at Disneyland (for a month almost eight years ago), so I guess seeing Captain America use it made me think, "Ooh! We're alike♥" Little thing about Captain America that made Athena love him even more was his German accent in pronouncing Stuttgart.

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Well, I think that covers it for Avengers reactions. Collapse )

Today I'm thankful for Mom and Steve being kind enough to take us to see the Avengers, having all our stuff when we got back, Disneyland kettle corn, the Avengers being kind to people with favorite characters other than Explosions, and getting lots of cards at the lighthouse.