May 8th, 2012


Verrrry interesting...

We've only heard Mom tell this story once, so I might be remembering it wrong, but it goes something like this: When she married Dad, he swore to her that he was blood type O-, just like her. Then when she was pregnant with us, there were complications because *gasp!* Mom's blood didn't get along with ours. That's how we found out that Dad is actually A+. Or there's something somebody's not telling us, but since we look startlingly like both of our parents, and especially Dad, we're fairly certain that's not the case.

The blood type thing will be important later.

So yesterday, for some reason we were reading an article on the obesity problem in America, and how all the government organizations and HBO are tackling the problem in the wrong way yet again. It actually really bothered us because it was very emphatic that will power is not the answer!! And while we agree that there's probably more to it than that (as you'll see later), we're strong believers in will power and we think it's a bad idea to tell people that it's not important.

But there was something else that bothered us to a lesser extent, but makes for more fascinating subject matter. The writer of the article insisted that the problem was not in how much people eat, but that people are eating too much of the wrong food, and not enough of the right food. Their argument was that it's been proven that carbs cause weight gain, and people should stop eating that junk and just eat more meat, fruit, and vegetables. We had a difficult time buying into it, because most of our diet consists of carbs (it's like all we eat is carbs and cheese), and yet we are not overweight. In fact, if anything, we're underweight. So what's the deal?

Actually, Gaston has been telling us pretty much the same thing as that article writer, only more like "carbs will KILL you!!!"...okay, not really that emphatic, but it's more fun that way. And he was also like, "You must eat protein!!!!" until the one time I adamantly refused. Anyway, the point is, it's been on our minds for a while. Another thing that would occasionally pop up in the back of our minds and say, "Hey, I don't want to bother you or anything, but, y'know, when you have time or something, you might want to look into this," is something Mom said about a book she read a long time ago and wished she could read again that was about eating right for your blood type.

According to Mom, this book says that people with blood type O are major carnivores--they like to eat meat, and plenty of it. But she couldn't remember anything about the other blood types, except that maybe it said As should eat grain...? It all sounded very fascinating, but we were way too easily distracted to look into it. Until! we read that article yesterday and we were like, "Seriously, there is something up with this." We eat carbs all the time. Eating too much meat (by which I mean two main courses of meat in one day; not like gorging or anything) makes us sick. We find it very difficult to believe that eating more meat than carbs is the answer for everyone.

So! we Googled it! And we found this website! And, as expected, it was fascinating. We read all the stuff about blood type A, and we were like, "Wow. Wow! Wow!! That's so right! That's so totally me! That's why I always hated PE!" And, according to this thing, people with blood type A have lower amounts of stomach acid, which makes it harder for them to digest animal protein. The doctor who came up with this whole thing recommends people with blood type A eat more grains (and soy and vegetables, but...).

The site also goes into the blood type-personality connection, which does make me a little wary, mainly because one of our Japanese penpals was going through an Angry Smart Person phase, and he brought it up as an example of utter ridiculousness. And, checking it out on Wikipedia, there's a lot of criticism from the scientific community on it. So it's probably not the best thing to base your life on, but it could be interesting to look into.

Today I'm thankful for finding that stuff about blood type diets, meeting our Higurashi quota despite our slow start today, getting to try another flavor of popcorn (today it was cookies and cream; pretty tasty!), the ceiling fans keeping us from melting while we wait for maintenance to turn on our air conditioning (it's not that hot yet, but...), and the cute rustlings coming from the closet where Page is hiding.