May 6th, 2012


Toontown and beyond

Well, it looks like we have some time before our birthday dinner to update LiveJournal! Tadah! We skipped yesterday because we were out doing stuff. Mom has decided that we have just got to see Mirror Mirror (and we agree; we've been wanting to see it for a while, but never enough to push for it), so we were going to do that yesterday.

While we were at it, we checked out the new Grilled Chz place that recently opened up. We really think they should have spelled it with a backwards Z for pronunciation purposes, but they didn't consult us, so that's how it goes. It was a pretty good place with good service, but we prefer our sandwiches with only one slice of cheese, so this was a little intense for us. And by the time we were done was too late to see the movie! Oh well, we'll see it next week. Instead, we went to Mom's house and played video games, then to Target, then to the adult session of stake conference, then to our ward's little get-together afterwards, and by the time we got home our blood sugar was too low to care about updating, and we had to wake up early for the general session of stake conference, so there you have it.

Anyway, Collapse )

And that's enough of that for now.

Today I'm thankful for finally getting our voucher problem solved, getting to see the awesome Lego statues, getting to enjoy the Aladdin show more than ever before, having some nice sketches of the Cheshire Cat, and everybody having fun trading pins.