April 28th, 2012

kid flash

Busy bees

We have been busy little bees these last two days. We even took the day off of work yesterday, and we still didn't get to play Kingdom Hearts! We spent the day doing miscellany. And we had just finished typing up our Japanese essays when Mom and Steve called to take us to dinner and then grocery shopping. We had dinner at Costco, which resulted in us asking to see if they had Chipwrecked, which of course they did (they're Costco).

They also had Cowboys & Aliens, which Mom and Steve had seen and really liked, so they bought it and invited us over to watch it, and we did! Tadah! It was a pretty good movie, but the visuals were a little too stunning for us to handle. Mom and Steve also let us do some laundry, which was good, and they shared their toffee.

By the time the movie was over, we had to get home and get to bed, because the service project was this morning! Yay! It was hard, though. First, the waking up early was hard. Second, the instructions on what to do were, "Beautify the park!" Those are very good instructions, but as people who have never had a bit of experience with yard work (unless you count pulling weeds at the vineyard), they were pretty unhelpful.

Fortunately for the project, everybody else had a pretty good idea what to do. We wandered around for a little while, and then noticed that nobody was picking up trash, so we designated ourselves litter-cleaners. It was tough, because we were wearing gloves, and most of the trash was little bits--more specifically, Easter grass. My goodness, the Easter grass was everywhere. We always knew Easter grass was the enemy, and today the old grudge was revived. To go along with the Easter grass, there were candy wrappers, broken plastic eggs, and juicebox straw wrappers. So I want to say to everyone everywhere: if you want to have an Easter party at the park, that's a good idea. But for crying out loud, be considerate and pick up after yourselves!

At least they were good enough to throw away the juiceboxes. Or maybe they just took them home because they hadn't finished drinking the juice.

Anyway, eventually the project ended, and then there was a pizza party! Yay! So overall, it was a pretty good day. And then we were tired.

Today I'm thankful for Mom and Steve being kind enough to take us grocery shopping, getting to watch Cowboys & Aliens, finding some way to be helpful at the service project (next time, we'll think to bring trash bags...), being home from the service project, and having our very own copy of Chipwrecked.