April 25th, 2012



Whew, it's been a long day. We wanted to finish our first draft of Higurashi so we could maybe finish the editing tomorrow and take Friday off. Our weekend is going to be very busy, with an extra two days added to the busyness, so we wanted to use Friday to sleep in, and maybe get some chores done if we're feeling especially productive.

But Saturday! is the Mormon Helping Hands project! Tadah! A bunch of stakes in the area are going to help clean up a local park. (One of those big parks; not just a little playground.) I'm jealous because Mom's ward gets to work in the Japanese Garden area of the park, and we get to work in the dog park area. I have to go early, because my committee is in charge of being in charge of our ward (that's not a typo), so we have to make sure we don't fall behind on sleep, especially because we have another Disneyland trip next week for our birthday!

This time we're super excited because we'll be staying in one of the Disneyland hotels! Eeeeeee!!! ...Not that there's a whole lot else to say about that until after we stay there, except that when you call to ask questions, the Disneyland cast members are very helpful, as we knew they would be.

Oh! and that Mom told me to spring for the special deal that comes with preferred seating on some of the California Adventure attractions, as well as collectible items (pin lanyards and luggage tags)! We're a little less excited that the pin lanyards will be Cars-themed (Cars Land opens this summer), but at least we can trade the pins away. Maybe we'll take them to the pin traders in Frontierland and find some extra awesome things to trade for. I do feel a little bad about it, though, because doing that made it so we couldn't use our passholder discount, so it cost more. But we also get to go to Toontown Morning Madness, which I hear is super fun.

Today I'm thankful for having reservations to stay at the Paradise Pier hotel, finishing our first draft of Higurashi, the thing called "trading," adverbs, and the delicious Reese's peanut butter cups we had at snack time.