April 24th, 2012



Sunday was Earth Day. We don't normally celebrate Earth Day, because we don't really celebrate much of anything, but we happened to pick up our package from the Disney Movie Club from the office on Saturday, and it had three Disney Nature Blu-rays. And since Sunday was Earth Day, we figured it would be a good day to watch one of them. (Otherwise, we probably would have watched the fourth movie in the package, Third Man on the Mountain, instead.)

We hadn't seen any of the Disney Nature films before then, so we decided to start with the first one, earth. It doesn't have a capital letter for some reason, which I think is probably aesthetic. With or without the capital letter, it would probably be hard to keep track of anyway, unless you insist on calling it by its full title, "Disney Nature's Earth," or "Disney Nature Earth" or whatever it is (too lazy to Google it).

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Today I'm thankful for gorgeous shots of nature, having plenty of time to work on Higurashi today, being blessed with the opportunity to work on Love Hina (we're officially finished with it now), learning how to say "die of cute" in Japanese, and getting candy at Home Evening Group last night.
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