April 15th, 2012


Kitty tricks

I have way too much going through my mind right now to write a coherent LJ post, and most of it is stuff I'd rather not try to figure out in a public forum. Let's see if I can come up with something anyway. I guess I could talk about the fact that we're probably going to go to Disneyland this week. Gaston called last night and asked if we wanted to go tomorrow. We listed five legitimate reasons (which weren't even all the reasons we had) that it wouldn't be the best idea to go tomorrow and Tuesday, but said we'd be happy to go with him on Thursday and Friday.

There was still talk of rearranging plans and transportation so we can still go tomorrow (which I think was mostly my doing, because Gaston pointed out that Alice's day off is Monday, and we hate to leave anybody out of a trip to Disneyland), but we're really hoping to go at the end of the week instead. We're so close to finishing the Love Hina omnibus, for one thing.

And...that post is kind of boring, but I'm really not sure what all else I want to say. Oh wait! Page just reminded me! (Thanks, Page!)

Apparently on Friday, there was a spectacular kitty trick! But nobody really got to see it, because Athena was participating in the trick, and I was looking the other way. See, Athena was sitting on the floor, working on our little display for Saturday, and Page was wandering around, exploring.

We still haven't gotten organized, so there's a big pile of boxes on the side of the room next to where Athena was sitting. Page wanted to go past her, and there was a mountain of boxes on one side and an Oreo on the other, so, in Page's mind, the best option (apparently, based on her actions) was to go over Athena. Since Athena was leaning down writing, she wasn't too much of an obstacle.

So Page leaped! ...just as Athena sat up. So Page had to spring off of Athena's back and over her head. And then she ran away.

(Disclaimer: Athena doesn't think Page actually went over her head; just sprung off her back. But nobody saw it, so who can say?)

And that was the amazing kitty trick that nobody saw. Tadah!

Today I'm thankful for having a ride to the fireside tonight, spectacular kitty tricks, making it to the vet to get Oreo's medicine yesterday, Oreo seeming more relaxed, and still having chocolate.