April 14th, 2012


I missed the bus.

So...we're supposed to be at the women's conference right now, but we're not. See, when we went to the bishop's storehouse on Thursday, our friend code-named Jennifer drove. She had signed up to do a table display, too, only actually the table display thing turned out to not be what we'd thought.

There were two different things to sign up for. First, since lunch was involved, people were asked to design beautiful table centerpiece-type big displays to decorate. That was what Jennifer signed up for. We signed up for the show-off-a-talent table display, which actually turned out to be more of a, "Bring something you did and we'll put it on display!" It was good because it turned out to be a lot less scary than we were prepared for, but we were a little like, "That would have been nice to know." Oh well.

But that has nothing to do with why we're not there. See, Jennifer had been sick all week, and despite the fact that the illness had lasted all week, she thought it was just a cold, which is why we still went to the storehouse. We thought she would be fine with a little rest, and made arrangements to go to the women's conference together, and to go to the church the day before to arrange all the things we'd signed up to arrange. After that, she went to the doctor and found out she had bronchitis.

She didn't want to let us down, so she asked her friend code-named Leigh to take us to the church to drop off the miniature manga display we made, as well as decorate the table Jennifer signed up to decorate. We found out Leigh wasn't planning to attend the conference, so we asked if Jennifer was still planning to go, and Leigh got as far as saying, "Yes, she's--" when she got distracted by a link not working in a text message. It was awkward trying to figure out how to bring it up again, so we didn't.

So we half figured that if Jennifer ended up not going, she'd text us to let us know, and we could make other arrangements, and we half just didn't care. And that's how we ended up not going to the conference after all.

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Today I'm thankful for the table display thing being less scary than it could have been, having some sunny weather to do chores in, the awesomeness of Kingdom Hearts, having Baked Ruffles to eat at lunchtime, and floors.