April 13th, 2012



Today we had to do Stuff, which was annoying because this week, we've been extra aware of the fact that we're weird, which I normally consider to be a good thing, but this time, I mean it more in the sense of people look at us, raise an eyebrow, and say, "...I'm gonna go over there now." It's not even like anything happened; it's just one of those weeks. We deal with those weeks through escapism, but we don't have time for escapism, because people keep wanting us to do stuff, which is our own fault for signing up to do stuff. On the bright side, I think we came up with a fairly nice table display. (Oh right, I guess that might be what's causing the Week; darn insecurities.)

But all we really want to do is play Kingdom Hearts. Collapse )

Today I'm thankful for having things to display on our table, finishing the last part of Love Hina's main story before lunch (so we had time to do our other stuff), the other stuff not taking all day, having enough sheets to make the divider for human Battleship last night, and getting to see a bunch of cool story stuff in Kingdom Hearts.