April 5th, 2012


Happy anniversary!

Despite all the time we spent playing Kingdom Hearts yesterday, I actually don't have anything new to say. I mean, I could say it's awesome, but that's not new. Well, not from us, anyway. We're just at the part where you go back to the first world, so there's no new, "Oh yay, we get to go to this world!" right now.

Anyway, today is our LiveJournal anniversary! Tadah! We've had this journal for seven years now. Wow, that's a long time. I feel like we should do something to commemorate... Hmm... Nope, I got nothin'.

It wouldn't exactly be commemorative, but we could talk about some of the interesting stuff Kazuya Minekura mentioned on Twitter and her blog. It's semi-related, because it's also Goku's birthday! Tadah! (That's part of why we decided to start LJ on April 5th.) Speaking of Goku's birthday, after a string of tweets about Minekura news, she ended by saying, "I was noticing all the people tweeting at me had Goku icons today, and I wondered, 'What's the deal?' Turns out it's Goku's birthday. Sorry I didn't notice!"

So what interesting stuff was she talking about...? That was the most interesting, and then there was something about trading cards, and something about character books. Those sound pretty fun, especially because the one Saiyuki fan book we have looks super fun...but we've never taken the time to actually read it, so... Wow, we're bad fans. Also! we're excited that there's finally going to be a tankobon of Saiyuki Reload Blast! Yay! We'll finally get to read it! ...And of all the people we know who care about Saiyuki, we'll probably be the last. But that's okay, because they didn't spoil anything.

In other news, the lemon cookies we bought at Fresh & Easy yesterday are amaaaazing. I don't know how to describe them exactly. They're like...cookies...like the ones in a Twix bar, only thicker (measurement-wise) and less dense and cut into squarish pieces...maybe like a light shortbread, and covered in about an eighth of an inch of a lemon powdered sugar...coating. Something like that. They're called Meyer Lemon Dream Cookies.

Today I'm thankful for the super yummy cookies we bought, new Saiyuki to look forward to (eventually), seven years of Live Journal, the super adorable kitties we saw at PetSmart yesterday (they had one that was like a Siamese orange tabby mix! sooooo cute!), and having some time to fight a battle at the stadium in Legend Cards.