April 1st, 2012


A day

Today has been...a day, I guess. It started out watching more General Conference, which continued to be awesome, and then we went to Mom's house for the last session of Conference, because it's Scott's birthday. We might have stayed home and gone to Mom's house after Conference was over, but apparently they accidentally threw out their only cake pans, and we happened to have inherited some when we moved here. (Not from the previous owners of the apartment, but from Mom, because we ended up with a lot of the kitchen stuff when she married and moved in with Steve.)

Before the session started, we played the sentence-picture-sentence game, where some not nice sentences were written about Mickey Mouse. For the second round, I should have realized that anything about Mickey Mouse would end up negative in the course of the game. Oh well; I'll just have to remember that for next time.

Then we watched more Conference! One of the speakers told a story about a guy who was making conversation with the guy sitting next to him on an airplane, and how the first guy asked where the second guy was from, and when he said Las Vegas, the first guy mentioned the Mormon temple there, and when the second guy said yes it's a beautiful building, the first guy asked, "Are you a Mormon?" "No." "Well, you should be; it's a great religion! Have you read the Book of Mormon?" "No." Well, you should; it's a great book!"

The story got me thinking about it, because I agree with those sentiments, and yet I'm afraid to say it most of the time. I think I just don't have the experience to be able to casually say something like that and not be afraid of the other person being offended that I'm telling them what to do. But it's like how I say, "You should totally watch Fantasmic! It's awesome!" I'm not going to think the person's a terrible person if they don't (okay, there are circumstances where I might, but in general), but it's something that makes me happy, and I think it would make the other person happy, too.

After Conference, there was some Disney Hedbanz, which was awesome, but it was mostly just people sitting around playing smartphone games, which was decidedly less awesome. Although for them, I suppose it was somewhat awesome. The birthday boy showed up for cake, and then there was more smartphone gaming with Return of the Jedi for background music. And then we came home, and now we're hoping to watch some Gals!.

Today I'm thankful for getting to play the sentence-picture-sentence game, having the opportunity to help out by contributing cake pans, getting to hear more amazing conference talks, getting to play Disney Hedbanz, and the adorable little baby duck on our calendar for April.