March 30th, 2012


It's here!!!

Last night, we went to Skywalk with our ward. It's a placed where they got a bunch of trampolines all lined up together so you can bounce from one to the other, all around the big room. It's pretty awesome, except for the fact that it makes us feel very old. We each had enough stamina to bounce around for about thirty seconds (a minute, tops) before we had to take a break for about six or seven minutes. The place offers trampoline exercise classes, and it's really tempting to sign up, but we'd need someone to sign up with us. Then we can get skyfit! Woohoo!

Also, if a place makes you sign a waiver of liability, they're not joking around. The first thing I did when we got there was land really hard on my ankle on one of the trampoline borders, so my ankle was bothering me the whole night. It wasn't serious, though, and now it's feeling much better.

But more importantly!!! Collapse )

And that concludes this session of Kingdom Hearts squeeing. We need to get back to playing!

Today I'm thankful for getting our copy of Kingdom Hearts 3D, the FedEx guy coming to our door again (when he came yesterday, he made sure to tell me where to look if we're expecting a package and don't see it, so I was a little worried), having plenty of time to play today (though we wish we had more), Page making things a little more interesting, and having Kingdom Hearts AR Cards (maybe someday we'll figure out how those things work).