March 28th, 2012



Progress on organizing our manga is exactly zero since Monday, but we weren't planning on getting back to it until Saturday at the soonest anyway. Still, we felt the desire to take a picture of the current state of the bookcase and post it on LiveJournal.

Collapse )

And there you have it. We're still coming to terms with the idea of parting with our precious manga, but we are seriously considering sending them off to good homes. Or maybe selling them, to contribute to our concertina fund...

Today I'm thankful for finishing three chapters of Love Hina today, beating that boss in Legend Cards, the adorableness of Page (who is now squishing her face into the blanket on Athena's bed), having a bookcase that can fit hundreds of manga (with some creativity), and the adorableness of Oreo (who has been hanging out with the giant plush snake we keep in the spare bedroom).