March 27th, 2012


Hard decisions

It has been a kind of interesting twenty-four hours. The thing that stands out right now (because it was the most recent) is the fact that we actually had to say no to Disneyland. Okay, so technically we didn't have to say no, but we really think it was for the best this time...but it's always hard to be sure when the alternative is Disneyland.

Gaston called this morning and asked if we wanted to go on Thursday. Thursday is our favorite day to go to Disneyland, but we've also been told to be ready to receive some Work on Thursday (nothing exciting...okay, so it actually is exciting, but not exciting in the way most of the people who would be excited think, and anyway we're pretty sure it's still confidential...although it's possible that it was never confidential at all, but better safe than sorry), and we didn't think it would be good to skip town on a day like that.

Also, for Thursday Night Activity, we're going to Skywalk, which...we've never been so we don't know how to explain it, really; all we know is that there's going to be a bunch of trampolines. It's so fun you have to sign a waiver of liability! (Maybe I'm starting to get a little worried about that after all, but it does seem like fun. We'll just have to not be too reckless. Regardless of the waiver, if it was that dangerous, nobody would go, so they'd be out of business anyway.) Plus I haven't been to a single Thursday Night Activity since I've been placed on the TNA committee, so I really need to stop slacking.

The final reason we decided not to go to Disneyland after all is that we would be driving home on Saturday...during General Conference. And we don't want to miss Conference!

And so we actually said no to Disneyland, but we're not too sad about it because we've been playing Kingdom Hearts.

The other interestingness happened last night at/on the way home from Home Evening Group. I believe I've mentioned Dorothy before (name changed to protect the innocent). Last night she seemed to be deriving an extra amount of glee from noticing people's mistakes. For example, as we were leaving, I walked to the wrong car, and she giggled at me, which had me very much on edge for the ride home. I managed to keep it to myself, though, and when she reminded the driver of how he missed the turn to her apartment two weeks ago (a fact she also reminded him of one week ago), I didn't blow up at her. Instead, we all got to joke about it thus:

Dorothy: Remember when you missed this turn-off?
Driver: Yeah, I remember.
Me: (to Athena) Remember that time, when we were at that turn-off, and we all remembered how that one guy missed the turn-off? (This is actually a reference to a turn-off on the way out of the Disneyland parking lot. Several times in a row, Gaston and Han would get there and remember how shocking it was that another friend of theirs had missed it.)
Athena: Yeah! And I also remember the one time we were about to miss a turn-off and somebody told someone to remember to turn there so he wouldn't miss the turn-off.
Me: Oh, me too!
Driver: Me, too!
Dorothy: Yeah, me too!
Athena: Wow, it's like we were all there or something.
Driver: Yeah, like we have this weird memory overlay.
Dorothy: Because we were all there.
Driver: Oh, Dorothy...

We were especially amused because the driver's tone of voice said, "Poor, deluded Dorothy..."

But anyway, the point is, when someone makes a mistake, she seems to have a hard time letting go of it. I think it's pretty common for people (myself included) to relish in others' mistakes, because, as Fruits Basket's Kagura explains, then we can tell ourselves that at least we're not as bad as that guy. And Dorothy's had a really rough life, dealing with all kinds of bullies, so we can see where that habit would manifest itself that much more strongly.

The problem is people don't like their flaws and mistakes to be pointed out on a regular basis, so if this kind of thing keeps up, we're going to need to confront her about it, and we're going to need to figure out how to do it so that she listens instead of retreating into her shell. ...Or maybe I'm just worrying over nothing and if we keep joking about it like last night, she'll back off. ...Or she'll think it's a great way to start up an amusing conversation. Or maybe if we just maintain a good attitude, we can just say, "Come on, leave him alone," in a good-natured way that leaves everyone feeling happy.

Clearly, I am no psychologist.

Today I'm thankful for having extra time to play Kingdom Hearts (we're on Book Watch again), having something else to work on in case Book Watch goes on too long, getting a paycheck yesterday, remembering to input some Disney Movie Reward codes to redeem a free Blu-ray, and having plans to go to Skywalk on Thursday.