March 26th, 2012


Amid the chaos

We've been hoping for a really long time that one day, we would be able to get our stuff Organized. We knew that in order to do that, we needed another bookshelf, but we were hesitant to ask people for a ride somewhere to buy one because we know everybody's busy, and we know we can be indecisive, and we didn't want to impose on anybody's time. But last Wednesday, my visiting teacher came over and she asked if there was anything we needed help with, so we brought it up. And so today, she was super awesome and took us to Target to buy a bookshelf. Tadah!

Not only did she take us to Target, but she also stopped by Mom's house so we could borrow a hammer. It turned out to be an extra good thing for her, because Mom gave her some oranges from the orange tree in her backyard. ...Although, Mom said she can't vouch for the taste of the oranges, so maybe it wasn't so good after all. But to illustrate just how awesome my visiting teacher is, she also readily agreed to drop off a package at FedEx for Mom.

And then she stayed over and helped us put the shelves together. We...kind of made her do all the hammering. But there was only one hammer! And she really didn't mind. ...Or so she insisted. We have a difficult time trusting people who insist they don't mind...and yet we don't have a difficult time saying, "Well, if you insist..." I think we've just convinced ourselves that if they insist, then it's their own darn fault if they're upset about it.

And then! she stayed and helped us organize manga. Before finalizing the arrangement of everything, we wanted to put all our comp copies on the shelves so we could more easily take inventory, and then decide what we want to keep and how much we're willing to give away. There's a part of each of us that's like, "Seriously, we only need one copy, if that," and yet a part of each of us that's like, "But... but... my shiny books...!" So it may be a while before we actually start giving stuff away. (But we do still have the volume one of My Heavenly Hockey Club that we promised to umadoshi, so if you still want it, Ysa...we still have heh.)

In the meantime, the spare bedroom is now in the state of chaos that generally comes mid-organization. We put all the comp copies we could find on the shelves and then decided we were too tired to look for more or organize anything else. So right now, the spare bedroom simultaneously feels like it has more room and much, much less.

But in a complete change of subject, yesterday we finally decided to watch the DVD that came with our Kamiyu CD. Kamiyu is a unit made up of Hiroshi Kamiya and Miyu Irino, and the DVD was super adorable, but it also reminded us that we need to give ourselves a better idea of what Kamiya-san sounds like. Naturally, this meant watching Super Gals! (he plays Rei Otohata). We bought all the DVDs when ADV had the rights, which meant we got all of the first half, but then it was forever before...I think it was Nozomi?...released the second half, and by then we didn't have as much expendable cash.

So approximately forever later, we start watching it again, and we're like, "I sure like this show. It's too bad we don't have the second half of it. But we really need to stop splurging. We'll just have to wait for it to go on sale." So then, after our bookshelves cost a lot less than we'd braced ourselves for, we come back to find an email from RightStuf! about a clearance sale! So of course we went to see if Gals! was available, and it was! But it wasn't part of the sale...because it was in the bargain bin! There's only eleven left in stock! If we don't buy it now, we'll lose our chance forever! Aaaaaah!

So we bought it, but it was only $15, and we figure it's okay, because the bookshelves costed so much less than we were expecting.

Today I'm thankful for a super awesome visiting teacher taking us all over town and helping us build our new bookcase, Mom lending us a hammer and giving us a thing of chocolate syrup, having a new bookcase for our manga, catching Gals! before it went away forever, and finding cute mini gel pens in the bargain bin at Target.