March 24th, 2012


Doin' stuff

We didn't expect to be posting so late, but we did expect to be busy today. I woke up this morning to the sound of a text message reaching my phone and was pulled out of bed when the landline phone started ringing. I didn't think there was much time after the message's arrival for the sender to get restless, but I was half asleep, so it's possible there was a fair amount of time inbetween. (It was nine-thirty, but we had stayed up late playing Kingdom Hearts...)

The phone call had indeed come from the texter, and I guess it was fairly urgent, because the people involved seemed almost excessively grateful after I agreed to help. (Not that I have a problem with being thanked--I think gratitude is extremely important--just that I was surprised at how many times they said thank you.) See, a girl got baptized in our ward today, and they needed somebody to play the piano at the baptism. The pianist at the last baptism we went to for our ward either just got married or is getting married soon, so she won't be in our ward anymore, and I guess they just didn't know who to call.

Anyway, I made them sweat it out for a couple of hours until Athena and I both woke up and were able to confirm our family plans, and since there wasn't a conflict, I happily agreed. I like to play the piano.

We ended up going early, for reasons not entirely known to us. I guess part of it had to do with a desire for prelude music. But anyway, by the time we got the message about when we'd be picked up (I agreed to play the piano but we needed a ride, and the guy in charge readily agreed to find one for us; later I thought it wasn't fair to make him find a ride for us, but when I thanked him, he said, "Thank YOU," so I guess it was okay), we only had an hour to play Kingdom Hearts, so that's what we did instead of updating LiveJournal.

The baptism was nice, and our ride was previous Disneyland associate Donald, so we got to talk about Disney. This week's topic: Epic Mickey 2 and our opinion of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. Actually, our opinion about the rabbit himself doesn't really exist, because we haven't played Epic Mickey or seen any Oswald cartoons, but we do get the feeling that a lot of Disney fans like him more because of the novelty of bringing back a previously known-only-to-uber-Disneyphiles character than because he's especially fun. Donald pointed out that if the rights to Oswald hadn't been taken away, he probably would have become what Mickey is now, but the fact is the rights were taken away and Mickey is Mickey, and I'm happy to love Mickey. But I am interested in seeing some Oswald cartoons.

Also, we got to discuss our pirate band, and the new member of our ward is ready to join! ...Now if only we could get that concertina.

After the baptism, we went to Mom's house to watch the General LDS Young Women's broadcast, which was also very nice and had some great talks about staying true to your values. Then we went to dinner we Mom and Celeste and Sarah after visiting Sur la Table (a cookware store) where Mom bought us some peanut butter cup popcorn. And then we came home and played more Kingdom Hearts.

Today I'm thankful for getting to go to the baptism, getting to watch the broadcast with everyone, Mom being kind enough to treat us all to dinner, having time to play Kingdom Hearts, and getting to have the chocolate-dipped shortbread cookies from Costco (as a refreshment at the baptism).