March 23rd, 2012


And why the sea is boiling hot♪

I kind of felt bad about yesterday's post, because while it was an honest reflection, it didn't seem to really be the problem. It stayed on my mind for a while, and I think the problem boils down to a few things that I tend to label "deep psychological issues" and then proceed to stop thinking about. The first is that, after everything that went down in 2004, it's hard to believe that anyone will ever stay our friend. I think that's why we feel the most blah right after having a nice time with friends--there's always that lingering fear that it will never happen again.

...I think there was another deep psychological issue, but I forgot. I do know that we also get grumpy when we go somewhere with the hopes of making connections with people, and no connections are made, which of course is usually partially our own fault. This happens a lot with going to church these days, because we used to make connections with people by going to choir practice, but the choir director got married and moved away and now there's no choir. This also goes along with our fear of never having a lasting friendship.

Aaaanyway. I didn't mean to whine; I just wanted to clear things up, or something. So now the time has come to talk of other things. Like shoes and ships, and ceiling wax, and cabbages and kingdom hearts. We just finished Gyakuten Kenji 2 (which was awesome), so now it's time to play another video game. And despite the fact that we're still in the middle of Type-0, and in fact like the game a lot, we think it would be fun to see if we can play through all the Sora-centric (or Sora/Roxas-centric; in other words, not Birth by Sleep) Kingdom Hearts games before Kingdom Hearts 3D arrives.

Athena's been playing on critical mode for forever, so we're pretty sure if she plays on standard mode it should go pretty quick. We also keep reminding ourselves that the goal is NOT to get 100%, just to go through the story, so that should also make it go faster. We're pretty excited, because Kingdom Hearts is our happy place.

I still have some time before we have to put our laundry in the dryer, so...huh. I kind of want to talk about Gyakuten Kenji, but I don't know if I have a lot to say other than ♥♥♥, and Edgeworth is still our hero. And it kept making us think, "I wonder how that perfect Edgeworth cosplayer from that one AX is doing these days..."

Today I'm thankful for making it all the way through the awesome game that is Gyakuten Kenji 2, having super Kingdom Hearts plans, finishing work early today, getting to try new cereal this morning (initial impression: actual chocolate in cereal may not be the best of ideas, but thinking about it now, I'm kind of eager to try it again; was the name (Krave) a little too accurate?), and finishing this post before we need to put the laundry in the dryer.