March 21st, 2012



The baby shower was pretty much what we expected it to be--long stints of boredom interrupted by the occasional conversation. But since we expected it, we were able to maintain a decent attitude about it, and after it ended, our friend discovered we needed to go grocery shopping and somehow invisibly insisted on taking us. So we got to spend some time talking while we went around the grocery store, and that was nice.

Despite the night ending on a positive note, we were feeling pretty blah about the world when we got home. I think the usual deep psychological issues are at work, along with some shallower ones (we weren't angry when the flow of events nearly resulted in our friend, who was going around the room introducing everyone to everyone else, forgetting us entirely (she started to say, "And that's everyone," when her other friend gestured at her in our direction), but we would have added it to our pile of reasons to feel sorry for ourselves (she did apologize profusely, and we completely forgave her; we chalked it up to our over-enhanced ability to stay out of the way)), and so we were ready to have a nice relaxing day off today, and hide from the world for the rest of the week while we nursed our egos enough to be able to face people again.

However, our plans were thwarted by Kinokuniya's shipping ninjas. We woke up late (intentionally), and one of the first things that happened after we got out of bed was the arrival of the books we ordered. My goodness, we got these books less than twenty-four hours after we ordered them! And since we ordered a book we need to translate, and the deadline for that translation was last Friday, we figured it would be best to not take the day off after all.

Our plans were doubly thwarted by a text message. I heard my phone go off, but it was before we woke up and I thought maybe I'd dreamed it. I checked anyway, and sure enough, there was a text message from my visiting teacher, asking if she could come visit today. So much for hiding from the world. But it might be nice, so our only real complaint is that we don't have an ETA, so it's hard to plan around it, and we have stuff to do!

But in the meantime, we have shiny new books and shiny new groceries! Including a new cereal (Kellogg's Krave; it was so new, the store didn't even have a label for it on the shelf, so we don't really know how much it cost...) and new shampoo scent (everlasting sunshine...?) to try! ...After we finish the cereal and shampoo we've already opened.

Today I'm thankful for our friend being kind enough to take us to the grocery store, having shiny new things to try, a replenished stock of familiar favorites to enjoy, work going pretty well, and being amazed again by the awesome powers of Kinokuniya's shipping ninjas.