March 19th, 2012


Baby baby baby

Today we are faced with a quandary that may not have become such a quandary if we had dealt with it sooner, but, as it is a little bit awkward, we have put it off. Well, that and part of the reason we kept pestering Mom about seeing John Carter is that we were hoping to use the outing as an excuse to do some shopping while we were at it.

See, a friend of ours is having a baby shower tomorrow. We got the invitation about two weeks ago, and Celeste was invited, too, so first we made a mental note to call Celeste and confirm that she didn't want to go (she's not as close to this friend as we are, and she lives a long way away). Then we forgot about it for a little while, because, to be honest, we were never into baby showers. (I think I've mentioned this before...)

Celeste can't make it to the shower anyway because she has a softball game (she coaches at her school), so we found that out and forgot about it some more, because we have other things to do. It didn't occur to us until later that, without Celeste, we don't have a ride to this thing. And the only friend we have in common with the mother-to-be is the mother-to-be herself, and it just seems a little wrong to have the guest of honor give us a ride.

So we weren't sure what to do about it, and we were hoping to talk to people about it, but when we finally got to spend time with people, it was a whirlwind day and we completely forgot about it. So now here we are, the day before the shower, without a ride and without a gift. We kind of suspect the mother-to-be mainly invited us for the gift anyway, because we are horrible, jaded, and cynical, and we didn't even know she was pregnant until we overheard our other friends (friends of the husband, not the mother-to-be; that's why we're not asking them for a ride) talking to each other and saying things that sounded like they were talking about someone who was expecting. Thus you can see how long it had been since we'd even heard from this friend.

Anyway, bitter rambling aside, we came up with a solution! Sort of. We like getting people stuff, even if we haven't talked to them in ages, so we were going to call our friend and tell her that we don't have a ride, but we want to give you something, so give us your address and we'll have it shipped to you. And if she offered to give us a ride anyway, we would go, and still order her a present.

We were so ready to carry out our plan! ...until I went to get her phone number from off the microwave (we have a little stack of scraps of paper with phone numbers written on them, stored on top of the microwave) and her number was gone! I did find her husband's phone number, but that would be oh so much more awkward than calling her.

And thus we are in a quandary. Sigh.

On the bright side, we finally found out where the water sprite who keeps asking people if they dropped a gold thing or a silver thing came from. It's an Aesop's fable (The Golden Axe), and originally the water sprite was Hermes. Oh! and we finally received a big backlog of payments!

Today I'm thankful for finally figuring out what story gold/silver things are from, finally getting paid, finally being able to order Kingdom Hearts 3D, getting to watch the end of Petit Princess Yucie last night, and it being awesome.

EDIT: A few minutes after posting this entry, Athena said a little prayer and discovered the scrap of paper with this friend's number on the very desk we had been sitting at. D'oh. So I called and she did indeed offer to give us a ride, and we will be going to the shower well as having a gift shipped, because we still don't have a ride to go buy one. Also, I rescind the comment about her only being in it for the presents, and I apologize.
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