March 12th, 2012


Rambling again

Nothing to report today! See ya, we got stuff to do!


Just kidding!

Well, it's true that there's nothing to report today. And that we got stuff to do. But we always got stuff to do, and we don't always like to neglect LiveJournal, so we'll post something anyway. Besides, yesterday's post got me thinking some more about defining ourselves as being smart (or not, as the case may be), so I thought I'd take the liberty of rambling on.

I had three points to talk about and I don't know what order they go in. I guess I'll start with the two other reasons why life is easier when you don't consider yourself to be smart. The first one got brought up yesterday--if you're really smart, then it gets to be pretty humiliating when you make a mistake. Everybody gets all worked up and they can't let it go. And they exaggerate. Like when Ken Jennings lost on Jeopardy!, they called the contestant that won a "giant killer." She didn't kill him; it was just the categories and stuff. She was smart, to be sure, but she also had luck on her side. And then she went out the next day (or maybe two days later; we're not exactly sure).

The second, and more important, reason to be content with not being an egghead is that when you define yourself as smart, it almost automatically turns into "smartest." It's like how we'll run into other sets of twins, and since being "the twins" is our thing, we have to compete over who's the best set of twins. It's silly. But in the case of twins, you don't have to worry anymore once the other set of twins goes away, because then you're still "the twins." But smartness competitions tend to involve proving the other person is less smart, which somehow becomes equivalent to "not smart," because if you're "smart" you have to be "the smartest," and anything less is "not smart."

And the last thing I thought about in regards to us personally and whether or not we think of ourselves as smart has to do with our own family circumstances. Our older sister is very very smart. She's got a super quick wit, and a strong presence. That being the case, she was the smart one in the family. Athena and I like to think we can be pretty funny sometimes, but usually it takes a bit more thought--we're kinda slow.

In addition to that, our grandpa is known for being, like, a supergenius. I mean, sure Athena and I managed to learn Japanese, but Grandpa knows like 20 bazillion languages. The last report we heard was that the last time someone asked him how many languages he knew, he said that was like asking a pianist how many pieces they could play.

Of course, none of this is to say that we have low self-esteem--far from it. We think very highly of ourselves (maybe too highly!?). We just...I don't know. We're just weird, I guess. But we always considered weirdness to be a good thing.

Today I'm thankful for getting our Amazon package a day early, the munchableness of Wheat Thins, not waking up to the sound of tearing paper in the middle of the night last night, having a lovely time reading manga last night, and getting to watch Darby O'Gill and the Little People.