March 10th, 2012


More pictures

The last day has been rather uneventful, so today we have two options: we could talk about Madoka Magica, or we could post another batch of Disneyland pictures. Since Madoka Magica is only available one episode a week at Crunchyroll, I think we'll have other opportunities, but I want to say that as of episode four, we would be more surprised to find out that [redacted] is not evil. (And we're not talking about Homura.)

Anyway, for now, Collapse )

Today I'm thankful for adorable kitties following us around today, figuring out the voice commands on our phones (not that we'll ever need them, but we had some free time today, so we were fiddling with stuff), having plenty of time to play the super-dramatic case in Gyakuten Kenji 2, also having time to read our new manga last night, and getting our chores done today.