March 7th, 2012


Breaking the silence

Well, we got back so late and today was so...not-posty...that I was thinking we'd blow LJ off today, but nobody's posted on our friends' list in so long (where "in so long" means "since yesterday") that I'm like, "Well, somebody has to post!"

Today was ward temple night, which is a new thing instigated by our new elders' quorum president. Our schedule tends to get all topsy-turvy on temple nights, though, because it takes more time than our usual evening activities, and it takes more time to get ready for it. So instead of updating LJ, we played some Gyakuten Kenji, because we didn't know if we'd have time otherwise. (We meant to update LJ afterward, but that chapter took a long time, and then we had just enough time to get ready to go before our ride showed up.)

But anyway, there wasn't a whole lot to post about tonight anyway, because we're still brooding over the whole Hogwarts thing. Last night, we thought we were just about over it, but when we woke up today, we were all grumpy again, so we kind of let ourselves brood on it, in the hopes of getting it out of our system.

We still think we made the right decision, so we're not upset about that, but it's just that we never associated ourselves with Ravenclaw (even before we got fed up with certain attitudes), so it was kind of out of left field for us. ...Well, maybe right field (whatever that means), because while it was a surprise, it made some amount of sense. But more than anything, it has us wondering about how people perceive us as opposed to how we perceive ourselves. And of course, we're inclined to believe that we know ourselves better than anyone else, so instead of wondering if maybe we're wrong, we get frustrated to think that no one's paying attention.

But anyway, there's no time to rant about that, and anyway, I was thinking I'd angsted about that enough, so I wanted to post about something happy, but the only thing I could think of (though if I tried really hard I could probably come up with something at least neutral, if not super exciting) is that we did something crazy and made an order from Amazon Japan. This isn't the first we ended up recklessly ordering something from Amazon Japan just because we were browsing the website to see how much it cost and thought, "Well why the heck not?" (International expedited shipping--that's why not.)

So what did we order? Well, when we were translating Negima! on Monday, the author's note at the beginning said, "If you only get one limited edition volume of Negima!, make it 37." So we did! Tadah! It apparently comes with a special edition DVD of the movie, and it was only about 4900 yen, which is less than we expect most anime DVDs to be, and it comes with even more bonuses. Our main motivation, however, was to see if Akira Ishida plays the entire Averruncus series, because we know he could (even Sextum). And somehow that motivation was strong enough to deal with the ridiculous shipping costs (and maybe we wanted a little retail therapy).

And since we were ordering from there anyway, we ordered those novels we mentioned a while back about Yumemi and Aimi. Tadah!

Today I'm thankful for having a lovely trip to the temple, finishing our Negima! rough draft with enough time to go to the store, that limited edition of Negima! not being so limited that we couldn't get a hold of it, it not costing as much as we thought it might, and getting to order those Yumemi and Aimi novels.