March 5th, 2012


Harry Potter geekery

We just had a debate with Celeste that may or may not still be going on (it's hard to tell when it happens via text message) about Hogwarts houses.

See, Steve and his siblings and mother have all gone off to Orlando to visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, which prompted Mom to call to see what houses everyone belongs to, most likely for souvenir purposes, but possibly just cuz. We immediately told her that we're in Gryffindor, because that's what we decided years ago, and that's the story we've been sticking with. We had a theory that everyone gets sorted into the house they want even if they seem like they might be better suited for a different house, even before it was proven in the books. Then Mom asked us what house everyone else would be in and we said we don't know, you'll have to ask them. So that's what she did!

And later, we got a text from Celeste informing us that we're in denial, and we're both totally Ravenclaws. And so we're in a debate (maybe).

Actually, we didn't always identify ourselves with Gryffindor, because we weren't sure if we were brave and daring enough. In fact, we used to put ourselves in Slytherin, especially in 2004 when...well, it was a bad year. We never really did associate ourselves with Ravenclaw, but we can see why a lot of people would put us in Ravenclaw. In fact, one year at college, one of our coworkers randomly asked us if we might be able to help him with his science homework. It was a custodial job, and we'd never really discussed...anything, we had no idea why he thought we were good at science, and the only thing we can think of is that we give off a "brainy" vibe.

Still, we prefer Gryffindor, because...well, frankly, because we hate Smart People. We hate it when people are constantly trying to show off how much they know, which tends to backfire, because in most of those cases, they're focused so much on what they know that they forget to pay attention to whether or not it applies to the discussion, or whether or not it might actually disprove their point. It's more than a little exasperating.

But that's where Celeste made a very important point (though not necessarily one that would define which Hogwarts house we belong to), which is that just because we know a few smart people who drive us up the wall, that doesn't mean that everyone in Ravenclaw is like that. Unfortunately for us, we know a lot of people like that--not just a few. But we're probably just being too judgmental.

On the other hand, Celeste's reasoning that you have to be decisive and brave in the face of imminent danger doesn't necessarily not apply to us, we think. I mean, we were in the talent show just last week, weren't we? And when part of our group was sad that we were so far in the back of the World of Color audience, I was the one who went and asked a couple of cast members if they could sneak us in to the ticketed area (which was totally allowed back when we took Celeste and Sarah to see it, but may not be allowed now that they have a non-ticketed viewing area; either way, we ended up not moving, but mostly due to our own apathy on the matter).

Aside from accusing us of cowardice (only a little, and in a friendly way), Celeste's reasoning for us being in Ravenclaw is that we're geeky know-it-alls (I supplied that reason and she confirmed it) and that we're strategic, while Gryffindors are more passionate and impulsive. Our theory is that Celeste wants Gryffindor all to herself, but it is hard to resist the idea, as she pointed out, that if we're in Ravenclaw, then all four houses would be represented in our family. On the other hand, it's really hard to want to be associated with Ravenclaw (although I really like the idea of solving a riddle to get into the common room, and we do like having a view of the mountains).

So we're kind of torn about the whole thing. But we have laundry to put in the dryer, so...

Today I'm thankful for unlimited texting between Verizon customers, this nice comfy shirt I'm wearing, getting to watch Petite Princess Yucie last night, work going pretty smoothly, and oh my goodness all the stuff happening in Negima!.