February 27th, 2012



I'm really not sure how to start today's entry, because I'm not sure how much anger I want to express right now. I guess it's not anger so much as stress and frustration. And once again it involves a trip to Disneyland, and I wonder why something that brings so much joy is constantly causing us so much trouble. Of course, it has a lot to do with the, "We have to go RIGHT NOW!" method we've been ending up using lately.

See, today was going to be the first day of the newly organized Home Evening Group, and despite the fact that we're meeting later and therefore might miss Castle tonight (they're having a fairy tale episode!), we were really looking forward to going. We've been lamenting our lack of friends, and we thought this would be a good opportunity to remedy the problem, especially since yesterday, when we overheard yet another conversation where people were discussing how to tell us apart (note: this is the key to why we're so upset about the whole thing). It's a little frustrating to hear these conversations over and over again when we know full well that the most effective way to learn to tell us apart is to get to know us. Tonight would have been a good opportunity to help some people do just that, but...apparently not so much.

Last week, Gaston called and asked if we wanted to do the 24 hours at Disneyland thing they're doing on the 29th. I was non-committal about it, because I hate to say no to Disneyland, but Athena was more convinced of the terribleness of the idea. But Gaston said he didn't want to spend the whole day there anyway--he just wanted to be there either when it opened or at like 3am that night, and even if we don't go for the 24-hour thing, we should go. I said we might be able to work something out, but we weren't sure how work would be going.

So I wasn't surprised when Gaston called this morning to ask if we were still up for a trip. I was kind of hoping he wouldn't call, because all we have to do is get through this Love Hina omnibus and then we can finally go on with Negima!, and if we're really lucky, maybe Kodansha hasn't assigned a translator to the Gyakuten Kenji manga yet. But we do like Disneyland, so of course it's hard to commit to not going. Anyway, Gaston's plan was to spend the day there tomorrow, and be there when the park opens on Wednesday.

What was a surprise (but probably shouldn't have been) was that he wants us to leave tonight. Long story short, we tried to work everything out so we could go to Disneyland and Home Evening Group, but we failed. Of course Disneyland won, but even though we love Disneyland a lot, we're feeling a little defeated. We've been trying to do things to get out of the rut we're in, and HEG seems more likely to help that than Disneyland does. And to be honest, we wish we could go to Disneyland more on our terms for once.

Today I'm thankful for getting a reasonable amount of work done today, Mom being willing to feed our cats on such short notice, getting our new manga today (not that we'll have time to read any of it any time soon), getting to see a fox at the church on Saturday (I forgot to be thankful for that yesterday, but anyway it was adorable), and the great episodes of Petit Princess Yucie that we watched last night.